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Facial Virtual Mesotherapy


We present you our new line of Face treatments based on Virtual Mesotherapy

Normally used in body treatments, with proven results, virtual Mesotherapy now starts to be used in facial treatments.

Body Virtual Mesotherapy

Using the transdermal electroporation technique, virtual Mesotherapy works by opening the pores to infiltrate liquid with active compounds, without piercing the skin. Combines the effectiveness of infiltration with not using needles, not leaving any marks on the skin.

100% natural wraps

100% natural wraps exclusive from Acqua Lisboa.

Created in conjunction with our herbal medicine laboratory, these exclusive Acqua Lisboa wrappings are regitered in Infarmed and are handmade produced in small batches with high quality control.

Endermologie LPG and Lipomassage

Originated from the clinical treatment of patients with extensive burns, EndermologieTM (registered, exclusive application technique with the LPG®equipment) soon proved to be non-surgical technique and most effective non-invasive treatment for cellulite, sagging and excess volume.


Is, today, the most highly regarded and proven cellulite reduction technique.

Permanent hair removal by intense pulsed light

Permanent hair removal by intense pulsed light (IPL) is a method of hair removal effectively eliminates definitely treated areas and hair, with annual maintenance, ensure that new "fluff" that grows is also eliminated.

Contrary to what is common sense (and sometimes common practice), your should not be made next summer, as it is important that the skin does not Tan before the first session and after each session to minimize solar exposure of the areas being treated.

B.E.A. M (advanced modelling bio-electro)

It's like going to a gym, but without getting tired or sweat.

With origins in the quick physical preparation Israeli army special forces, the bio-electromodelação (B.E.A.M.) is a unique technique developed by Venus Technologies, used in New-Life equipment.

In addition to rapidly develop muscle groups, uses a second frequency on treatment to speed up metabolism, thus contributing to the reduction of fat.

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