100% natural wraps

100% natural wraps

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100% natural wraps

100% natural wraps exclusive from Acqua Lisboa.

Created in conjunction with our herbal medicine laboratory, these exclusive Acqua Lisboa wrappings are regitered in Infarmed and are handmade produced in small batches with high quality control.

With visible effects from the first session, the wrappings are so effective that have now become the most recommended rituals by our customers.




Anti cellulitte: Diva of Papeete

Anti-cellulite treatment of fitoaromatherapy that combines the therapeutic properties of plants with the power of its aroma associated with massage to increase drainage and decongestion of the tissues.

Two therapies work together to reduce or eliminate cellulite (a gynoid lipodystrophy), particularly effective for reducing cellulite on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and legs.

We use nature Ivy, Asian CENTELLA and Gingko Biloba to stimulate micro-circulation and, thanks to its lipolytic and anti-lipidémic properties, act in depth. We apply these ingredients as poultice fitoterapeutico, followed by intense aromatherapy massage, appropriate to the degree of severity of the cellulite, to drain in extension, thus boosting the reduction of volume and cellulite.



The Slimming: Dive in Polynesia

Dive in Polynesia, our exclusive slimming or firming treatment 100% natural, with a basis of coffee and sweet orange to reduce volume and reaffirm and soften the silhouette.

Associate the toning properties of Coffee to draining and decongestant properties of sweet orange, support treatment with massage, to act in extension, thus boosting the volume reduction.


a modular offer

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Our therapeutic modules can be used individually or together to build programs to fit your decor.


Contact us to find the right solution for you.

catalog of aesthetics

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