Advanced B.E.A.M.

B.E.A. M (advanced modelling bio-electro)

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B.E.A. M (advanced modelling bio-electro)

It's like going to a gym, but without getting tired or sweat.

With origins in the quick physical preparation Israeli army special forces, the bio-electromodelação (B.E.A.M.) is a unique technique developed by Venus Technologies, used in New-Life equipment.

In addition to rapidly develop muscle groups, uses a second frequency on treatment to speed up metabolism, thus contributing to the reduction of fat.


Clinical studies of the brand show reductions in the area of 4 cm in just one session and significant increase in muscle tone at the end of a program. The advanced bio-electromodelação is not invasive, giving the feeling of a deep tissue massage on the body while stimulates.

Used by Atheletes and martial arts practitioners to work muscles normally not addressable by work with weights.It is used as a complement to traditional weight training programs, boosting the increase in muscle volume, or how quickly muscle reaction program, ensuring that, with the increase in volume, it maintains or improves the speed of movements.

If you want to boost the volume and weight loss, the program includes a set of isometric exercises, made during the treatments and monitored by the therapist. In this case Yes, will sweat.

Meet some of our full Body Programs that utilize BEAM here:


General Body Toning (BEAM)


Toning of breasts and Buttocks


Toning of Arms and chest for men



a modular offer

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Our therapeutic modules can be used individually or together to build programs to fit your decor.


Contact us to find the right solution for you.

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