Endermologie LPG

Endermologie LPG and Lipomassage

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Endermologie LPG and Lipomassage

Originated from the clinical treatment of patients with extensive burns, EndermologieTM (registered, exclusive application technique with the LPG®equipment) soon proved to be non-surgical technique and most effective non-invasive treatment for cellulite, sagging and excess volume.


Is, today, the most highly regarded and proven cellulite reduction technique.

Using two small motorized and sucking, Endermologie promotes decongestion of the deep tissues and lymphatic drainage, cellulite, sagging and volume.

The technique "Lipomassage" accentuates this effect, by the use of an elastic attachment that allows the muscles are under tension, thus accelerating the results, which become visible from the sixth session.



At Acqua Lisboa we provide you not only the most modern equipment LPG®, which includes techniques such as "Lipomassage", volume reduction, and protocols for facials, as well as certified therapists with Endermologie Portuguese and French schools.



Meet our body Programs with EndermologieTM here:


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Our therapeutic modules can be used individually or together to build programs to fit your decor.


Contact us to find the right solution for you.

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