Permanent hair removal by intense pulsed light

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Permanent hair removal by intense pulsed light

Permanent hair removal by intense pulsed light (IPL) is a method of hair removal effectively eliminates definitely treated areas and hair, with annual maintenance, ensure that new "fluff" that grows is also eliminated.

Contrary to what is common sense (and sometimes common practice), your should not be made next summer, as it is important that the skin does not Tan before the first session and after each session to minimize solar exposure of the areas being treated.

The IPL technique addresses the hair in your growth phase, so you need multiple sessions to ensure that all the hair from the area to be treated are eliminated. Although if you see results right after the first session, depending on the area to be treated can be required up to 6 to 8 sessions, spaced 4 and 6 weeks to ensure their total elimination.

We recommend that you plan your begins to fall, thus ensuring that in early spring will have already completed all the treatment and can enjoy the Sun in full.


Acqua Lisboa uses one of the most modern equipment of IPL, which allows photo-epilation on a very broad spectrum of skin tones (phototypes) safely and effectively.

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Permanent hair removal



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