Conditions of service

General conditions of service

Terms and Conditions of Use
Please carefully read the Terms of Use and Terms of Service of this site. The use of it is subject to your acceptance.
 One. Subject
1.1. These General Conditions are intended, with the order form, and other factors referred to therein, to regulate the terms and conditions which shall guide the provision by Free Soul, Health and Cosmetics, Ltd. with No ID of legal entity No. 508 222 966, holder of the trademark "Lisbon City Acqua Spa", hereinafter called "Acqua Lisbon," Service Online Sale of products and services marketed by Acqua Lisbon.
1.2. These General Conditions apply to the use of the site and online store Acqua Lisbon and should be read and understood. Using the site Acqua Lisbon or any resource available for this entails the acceptance of these Terms.
1.3 These Terms and Conditions may be revised at any time without any notice. It is the duty of the user to consult the Terms of Use and Terms of Service of this site whenever you use it.
2nd. Description Sale Online
2.1. The Service consists of the provision, through the address, access online shop Portuguese brand "Lisbon City Acqua Spa", which allows the user electronically, order the products and services it published in terms and conditions described in these Terms and other applicable elements.
2.2. The service is available to users residing in Portugal. The package of products and services must be made by users aged less than eighteen (18) years (individuals under the age of consent should have their representatives). The particulars and information transmitted by the User shall enjoy full legal effect, recognizing the user as purchases and can not claim that the lack of signature for breach of obligations.
2.3. Acqua Lisbon reserves the right to restrict come, according to its sole discretion, access to the Service or any part of the Service for certain commercial or strategic constraints.
2.4 The purchases on this site are intended to Portugal (deliveries in mainland, Azores and Madeira). Outside Portugal, sending an order needs through prior contact No. +351218949220 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at opening time stated on the website.
3rd. Terms of Use
3.1. You agree to comply with all laws applicable to the use of the Service, including not to perform or promote the commission of unlawful acts or offensive to good manners, and shall observe the rules of use of specific products and services available in Store Online Acqua Lisbon.
3.2. The User undertakes, furthermore, to not allow the use of the Service in direct or indirect benefit of any third party without the prior written consent of the Acqua Lisbon.
3.3. You agree to provide true information, factual and updated information about your personal data may be requested in the course of using the Service.
3.4. If the User makes available information wrong, outdated, incomplete or inaccurate, Acqua Lisbon has the right, under the law:
(I) block access to Online Store Acqua Lisbon (Portugal);
(Ii) cancel the provision of any other goods ordered and not delivered;
(Iii) not to pursue recovery of amounts paid for undelivered orders for the above reasons
3.5. The User undertakes to make a careful and responsible use of the Service
3.6 The User undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of their data access to restricted areas of the site Acqua Lisbon, not broadcasting them to third parties, and use the normal procedures of confidentiality of data, including the closing session through the link " Logout "or closing the browser and not save sensitive data access in shared access computers.
4th. Use of the Service Shop Online Acqua Lisbon
4.1. Use of the Service depends on completing the online order form, acceptance of these Terms and compliance with all other procedures indicated.
4.2. For security reasons, orders are subject to a verification process under which the completion of registration of order may be refused.
4.3. Orders placed through the Service may also be subject to other conditions and limitations described in the Online Store Acqua Lisbon.
 5th. Products and Services
5.1. The user can order and purchase through the Online Store Acqua Lisbon, products disclosed therein and which are associated prices.
5.2. Acqua Lisbon reserves the right, at any time, remove, change and add products and services in the Online Store Acqua Lisbon.
6th. Buy in Store Online Acqua Lisbon
6.1. To place an order for a product and / or service Acqua Lisboa The user should select the "Order" which is next to each item, after selecting the items and quantities to order (available for viewing on the "shopping shopping "). Next you should place an order through their link.
6.2. If you want to order other products and / or services, simply go back to your browser and add products / services in the respective amounts. The order will be automatically updated in the shopping cart.
6.3. To change the quantity of a product and / or service ordered (s) should place the cursor in the table for much of the article you want and change the value. The arrows may also be used to add or decrease amounts. To cancel the selection of a product and / or service, you must use the arrow keys to change the quantity or amount to zero.
6.4. When finished selecting all products and / or services you want to order, you should select the "Custom Finish". After you select "Finish order" can still change the quantities and / or cancel the items previously added.
6.5. The process of finalizing orders consists of the following steps:
1-USER IDENTIFICATION: request elements to access the restricted area of ​​the site or if the user is not registered, the creation of a user registration by providing personal identifiers, billing and delivery. These data are essential to satisfaction and proper delivery of the order, and all required fields must be filled in correctly.
2-ORDERING INFORMATION AND SELECTION OF LOCAL DELIVERY: It appears the detail order and billing information, and asked to indicate the desired delivery location.
3-TRANSPORT COSTS AND ASSOCIATED METHOD OF SUBMISSION TO ORDER: Select the delivery method among those available for the products / services selected indications and associated costs.
4-DATA CONFIRMATION OF ORDER: It is presented a summary of the order, billing and delivery data. It is still available a text input area for additional indications for user, for example, be included in the dedication gift voucher.
5-CONFIRM ORDER: Complete the transaction described in the preceding paragraphs, the User, after reading, you should confirm the options above through the CONFIRM ORDER option, your order will automatically be sent to the Acqua Lisbon. It is currently routed to the secure payment page, hosted outside the site Acqua Lisbon in order to pay the order.
7th. Acceptance of order
7.1. Each order placed by you is considered by Acqua Lisbon as an offer to purchase, and is, accordingly, subject to acceptance by Acqua Lisbon.
7.2. The order will only be accepted by Acqua Lisbon after payment confirmation issued by the processing of Credit Card or Debit or bank.
7.3 The Acqua Lisbon reserves the right to cancel orders whose payment process is not completed within 5 days.
7.4 In the event of unavailability of the product or service ordered, Acqua Lisbon send a communication to the email address of the user, who may choose to wait for the availability of the product or cancel the order at no cost or charge to the User.
7.5 The Acqua Lisbon undertakes to meet, correct, timely and diligent, all orders except for reasons of force majeure or where otherwise stated in these terms of service.
Eight. Order cancellation or return
8.1. To cancel or return an order, the user should follow the instructions available at Returns Policy, available here.
9th. State of the Parcels
9.1 The status and order history can be found on the specific page for that purpose exists in the Client Area. For this it is necessary to "Login".
9.2 The orders can have 4 possible states:
PENDING PAYMENT: no payment information for the order is pending awaiting payment
CONFIRMED PAYMENT: payment information already received and orders pending shipment
DONE: order already issued
CANCELLED: canceled order
9.3 Whenever there is a change in the status of your order, the user is notified via email sent to the email address provided at registration.
10. Price
10.1. The prices of the products and / or services purchased through the online store Acqua Lisbon are in euros and include VAT at the legal rate.
10.2 The prices may change without notice and does not constitute or storage printing pages with old prices any link thereon.
11. Data Privacy
11.1 The data provided for on site and online store are private, in accordance with applicable law.
11.2 The Data Privacy Policy can be found on the specific page of the site Acqua Lisbon, available here.

Returns policy

The online store of Acqua Lisbon is guided by full compliance with national and Community law for contracts concluded at a distance, according to the DL 82/2008.

Privacy policy

Acqua Lisbon values the privacy of its customers.

Your personal data are stored and used only for the purposes for which your provided not being given any other use and database legally registered at the National Commission for Data Protection.

The personal data are encrypted and stored on secure server, not in any case voluntarily shared or sold to third parties.




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