How to choose?

How to choose the rituals?

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How to choose the rituals?

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To start



Quick rituals are a good way to try out the SPA, being easily suitable for the daily agenda.

Inner light is a good introduction to spices and Lift the spirit a great way to learn about the Jojoba oil.

For the more tech-savvy, the sixth sense is a good option, as it allows to choose the essential oils, customizing the ritual.

To relax


Balance in Lanai. our most comprehensive, pampering ritual body and face during an unforgettable 3:0 and that will fly.

Refuge at Mauí. A great way to relax a day with stress, with a lumbar massage and facial treatment that eliminates all traces of fatigue.

If you want a more complete ritual, we recommend you the sacred mountain, one of the most well-known SPA rituals using volcanic stones. You can also try Bali relax, an involvement followed by a relaxing massage.

If you want something truly new, we suggest you the Lokahi Mana.
This Hawaiian massage, made with the forearms has an own set design with our therapists dresses. Guaranteed unforgettable.

Cipreia is another option. Using small shells for massage, this unique ritual is truly unlike anything you already know

If you look for something evocative of summer and the heat in distant stops, try Nectar of Malabar, with exfoliation and massage with 100% natural coconut.

Before the feast


Ladies, we suggest the wrappings:

Trip to Ecuador(wrapping in chocolate), Therapy of Bacchus (wine) or silk (silk wrapping) are excellent choices to keep the skin soft, moisturized and luminous before that special event.
The time when Nauru is also an option, remineralizando and reaffirming the skin and, for the face, Akoa Mooreha, a treatment that cleanses and purifies.

For men, we offer two distinct approaches:

Ludi Cerealis, a 100% natural facial treatment of cereals, to clarify and purify the skin.
Highlands, the ritual just for "nut-bearded men", which energizes the body.

The therapeutic


For after the party or a stressful week suggest the route of wild flowers, a detoxifying ritual 100% natural, 100% effective.

As a complement to the treatment of cellulite, we recommend you the Persian treasure or the Diva of Papeete, both 100% natural and 100% effective.

The Exclusive


Find something unique, which does not exist in any other SPA.

Our exclusive rituals are developed entirely by the Acqua Lisbon and use exclusively 100% natural products, Acqua Lisbon, with small-scale and artisanal production whose formulas, developed exclusively for us, are registered in Infarmed.

So don't look for one of these rituals you realize that the poultice has true or petals that the scrub has the same pieces of apricot seed. Or that fancy eating the involvement in honey.

Also not admire it is found therapeutic effects immediately, since the formulas are much more effective.

You can find them by clicking the respective link here

The two


If you want to enjoy the experience together with another person, can do it.

There are Rituals specifically created for two: the trip to the five senses and Paradise Azteca.

Additionally, some of the other rituals can be made to two, lacking however prior confirmation with the Acqua Lisbon.

For the experiences the two we recommend rituals with a minimum of 01:00.



Vouchers Acqua Lisboa are a perfect gift.

The vouchers are personalized and manuscripts may be delivered by courier (Lisbon) or mail (rest of the national territory), if you want.

For the rituals with value equal to or greater than 70 € the voucher is delivered in a box of its own, accompanied by a surprise Acqua Lisbon.

See here our suggestions of offers

Access to Account

Want help choosing?


Try our selector of rituals.

You can choose by type of desired result, price band or techniques used.

Is to choose a Ritual to offer, or a treat for yourself, you will find the desired solution. Click Here


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