Acqua Lisboa


A spa just for you:

The intimate space where you can relax, away from stress and daily life. Where the clock stops and life gains time.


exotic rituals from around the world adapted to the sensitivity and preferences of a Western audience.

100% natural:

100% natural and super-effective products and rituals, Acqua Lisboa's exclusive, hand-made in Portugal and registered in Infarmed.


The first Portuguese SPA Member of the International SPA Association: a unique quality assurance



Welcome to Acqua Lisboa, the A of your life.


the A in your life


Our mission and values


The balance between the body and the mind is the main focus of our philosophy because we know that this balance is critical to your life.

We have created for you the sensory space where you just have to get carried away by the senses.

Forget the stress of your workday or pamper your soul before you start the new day.

Acqua Lisbon is the new concept of urban Spa that combines traditional therapy with modern techniques of body reset.

A different urban SPA ...


Our history


Two sisters, fans of SPAs, sought tirelessly the perfect SPA.

The SPA which were different in rituals, in attendance, in customer service, in the form of being.

The SPA was not fundamentalistamente zen and that combined with inspirations from various parts of the world.

It was unique and affordable, exotic and intimate, distant but close.

Did not find him.


Decided to do it.


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About Acqua Lisboa:

Located in the hearth of Lisbon, Acqua Lisboa is a unique, modern and different SPA, which transports you to exotic places, betting on the quality of service and 100% natural products to be different.

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                                                                    217 270 797 

                                                                   918 546 767

Contact us

                                                                                                 217 270 797 

                                                                   918 546 767

International SPA Association

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